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Replace your plastic bottles with our fabulous shampoo bars. Made with natural ingredients, not tested on animals, biodegradable and made in Quebec. A single shampoo is equivalent to two and a half to three months of washing depending on our use. It foams generously and deeply cleanses your hair. Try it now!

  • use

    • Lather the shampoo liberally with water in your hands before applying all over the hair, rinse well and repeat!
    • If necessary, follow with the hair mask for the tip of the hair (or any other conditioner)
    • Let dry between each use to optimize the life of your product

    *** Caution: Although our products are composed of natural and quality ingredients, it is recommended to do a test on the inside of the forearm before first use to avoid rare allergic reactions.

  • Le temps des sucres


    Spécifications Shampoing hydratant et adoucissant. Tous types de cheveux et/ou cheveux colorés.
    Ingrédients Sodium cocoyl isethionate, coco glucoside, extrait aqueux de saule blanc, plantin et bardane, orme rouge en poudre, mousse d'Irlande en poudre (crispus chondris), guimauve en poudre, sirop d'érable, huiles végétales de ricin bio et d'amande douce bio, acide lactique, extrait aromatique naturel d'érable, vitamine E


  • Bleuets en fleurs


    Specifications Moisturizing, protective, antioxidant shampoo. For normal to dry and / or colored hair. Ingredients Sodium cocoyl isethionate, coconut glucoside, aqueous extract of mallow flowers, marshmallow and clitoria ternetea (butterfly pea), blueberry powder, pink clay, purple clay, beetroot powder, vitamin E


  • Fraisicoco



    Shampoing hydratant et démêlant cheveux fins,secs et/ou difficiles à démêler. Pour petits et grands.

    ***Le préféré des tous-petits***

    Ingrédients sodium cocoyl iséthionate,coco glucoside, extrait aqueux de guimauve et de prêle, fraise en poudre, lait de coco en poudre bio, huiles végétales de ccoco bio, ricin bio et coton bio, extrait aromatique de fraise et de noix de coco, acide lactique, vitamine E


  • Lotus sacré



    Purifying shampoo, stimulates hair growth. Normal to oily hair. Not suitable for young children and pregnant women (As it contains essential oils of sandalwood and lavender)

    Ingredients Sodium cocoyl isethionate, coconut glucoside, hydrolate of sandalwood and lavender, aqueous extract of white willow and burdock, powder of lavender, sacred lotus, powder of jojoba iris, vitamin E, lactic acid, essential oils of sandalwood and lavender.


  • Note

    There may be slight color changes with each order due to the use of natural products. Each of the products is handcrafted individually, so not all are uniform.

  • Manufacturing

    Made in St-Mathieu du Parc by Naïke Théodose "La sorcière capillaire"

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